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Slab Foundation Repair


Rather than boring you with a load of technical jargon which we guarantee you will not understand unless you have spent some time in the industry, we decided we would take the time to explain the actual pros and cons this solution has to offer. We want to give you the good and the bad so that when you have finally made up your mind you know that you are making an informed decision. Should you have any more questions after you have read what we have to say, then you are more than welcome to give us a call.


No matter how many promises we make when it comes to our solutions, at the end of the day if we are not able to provide affordable solutions our clients will most certainly be going elsewhere. Now when it comes to capital outlay, few foundation techniques come close to slab foundations. Mainly because they are made of a singular material, concrete. This means they are easy to pour and repair, which in turn ensures that they can offer you real value for money. Give us a call today and we can do a couple of comparisons to give you a better idea.

Utility Bills

We are finding that more and more of our clients are starting to grasp the importance their chosen foundation solution will have on their overall monthly utility bills. Remember it is all about climate and moisture management, and the effect the soil beneath your home or business has on these elements. Slab foundations are by far one of the easiest solutions to maintain, and they will have a massive positive effect on your monthly utility bills.  Now making sure your slab foundation is in perfect condition is crucial, and precisely why developed our repair solution.

Speed And Efficiency

One needs to think of the main ingredient in slab foundations, concrete. This wonder material offers plenty of benefits, and one of these is its ability to set quickly. Whilst a foundation is vital to the stability of your structure, you don't have to wait months for it to dry. In our experience, a newly poured or repaired section of a slab foundation should not take more than 1 day to pour, and between 4 and 5 days to set. This is just another reason for you to have your slab repaired sooner rather than later as you can now see it will not take as long as your thought.

The Downside

Whilst it is very easy just to go on and on about all the wonderful advantages our slab foundation repair solution can offer, we would not be doing our jobs if we did not give you both sides of the story. Now firstly, if there is anything your concrete slab hates more than anything it's moisture and water. So if a pipe bursts below the surface of your foundation, not only will you only realize it when you see your new water bill, but it will cause your foundation to crack, swell, and shift. This can be tricky to repair, but fortunately, we have the skills to get the job done.

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